Zobacz pełną wersję : [HTC Sensation] [ROM] Android Revolution HD 6.6.4 | 3.32.401.105_R

11-05-2012, 07:30
Android Revolution HD, to szybki, stabilny, i nie zmieniany kosmetycznie ROM od naszego rodaka.


Są 2 wersje. ICS i GB. Do wyboru, do koloru.

Android Revolution HD 6.6.4
--- release date: 8 May 2012 ---
Updated faux123 kernel to latest 006 final

Updated Adreno 220 drivers for ICS (2.184622)

SuperSu updated to latest

SuperSu binary updated to latest

Added small compability fix for GPU Performance Patch

Fixed [sys/kernel/debug] being unmounted

Fixed auto-permissions on boot for init.d scripts

Dropbox updated to latest 2.1.3

Facebook updated to latest 1.9.2

Maxthon updated to latest 2.6.2

Google Maps updated to latest 6.6.0

Twitter updated to latest 3.2.1

Adobe Flash Player updated to latest

Other minor changes and fixes

- No need to Super Wipe if you have 6.6.x already!!
- 3.32.401.x firmware is required!
- 4EXT Touch Recovery is required!
- HTC Sensation 4G (U.S. T-Mobile PG5810000 | T-MOB010) users can flash this for better signal and data speeds!

Android Revolution HD 3.6.13
--- release date: 15 January 2012 ---
All .apk and .jar files re-compressed with 0 level compression for better performance

Fixed Wi-Fi error

Added missing Sony Bravia Engine files

Fixed permissions typo in updater-script

- Remember to remove SetCPU or any other CPU tuner in order to have O/C Daemon working
- Read this post to learn about O/C Daemon
- No need to use Super Wipe if you have 3.6.x already!

Link do flagowej wersji ROMu (ICS):
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[SIZE=4]Link do GB:
Treść widoczna tylko dla zarejestrowanych użytkowników.

[SIZE=4]GB + Sense 3.5:
Treść widoczna tylko dla zarejestrowanych użytkowników.

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