Zobacz pełną wersję : [4S] Scarface: Last Stand

24-02-2010, 11:03
Scarface: Last Stand by Starwave

Wersja dla n97, ale możliwe że będzie działać na 5800 ;)

Your empire is crumbling; it's time to take your last stand! They wanna play rough? Take out those cockroaches: use your rocket launcher, machine guns and more. Move through your mansion and iconic environments from Scarface! The world is yours.

Controls: Sectors: The screen is divided into sectors that correspond to the numbers on your keypad. Shoot at respective sectors on the screen by pressing keys 1 - 9. Reloading/ Cover: Press the 0 key to duck behind cover and reload your weapon. Reload begins automatically. Classic: Move the cursor around the screen by pressing Up/2, Down/8, Left/4 or Right/6. Press Center/5 to fire. Pause: Press the Left Soft-key.
tested by hangmen


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